Who is ahead?  Well, it's not equal rights, it's not fair wages, it's not the lower class in the United States, but it is the billionaires that we always read about.  The following people are currently the Board of Directors at the Disney Corporate level.  These people have other boards that they server on as well.  This is a nice intersection of privledge and social capital.  To learn more about these people and the money they make click their name for a little bit more information.

   Susan Arnold-2007                  Robert A. Iger-2000            Monica C. Lozano-2000       John E. Bryson-2000

      Steve Jobs-2006              Robert W. Matschullat-2002         John S. Chen-2004            Orin C. Smith-2006

Fred H. Langhammer-2005    *John E. Pepper, Jr.-2007          Judith L. Estrin-1998         Aylwin B. Lewis-2004

 *-Chairman of the board

These people are the main profiteers of Disney.  They get accumulate and hold their money because they are all connected in different aspects of the corporate world. 

Media Monopolization

Who owns the media?  Is media that big of a deal in our lives?  Who controls what goes on TV and in Movies?  These are some very important questions we overlook in our daily lives.  Norman Solomon stated, "10 corporations control most of this country's news and information flow".  This is a very small number for the huge industry of media.  The top ten, according to Solomon are: Time Warner, Disney, Viacom, News Corporation, Sony, TCI, Seagram, Westinghouse, Gannett and General Electric.  The federal government "allows [people] the right to buy as many newspapers, magazines, TV networks and satellite communication systems as [they] can". (1999). 

With the media empire dispersed between a few number of hands, together they can control what we see, hear, and expose our children to.  They will not portray any ideas they are not against, especially in political sense.  These elite who own media, do not want to let go of media, this is how they push their products and ideas.  Media monopolization is an important issue to take more time and effort to study, but with this idea of Princess Gendering, viewers need to account, that this is only an idea held dearly by a select few and should not be the total representation of the whole world.

See what Disney owns in the Media!