• Free printable brochure to assist you in alternative products and shopping:

Shop with a Conscious: 2007 Shopping Guide




  •   United Students Against Sweatshops is an organization where students want universities to support the rights of workers that make the university function, including the entire supply chain: the farmer that grows the food, the food service workers that prepare the food for the university, janitors that keep our campuses clean, etc. Get Involved!


  • Check out NO SWEAT for union made clothing that promotes fair trade and is sweatshop free!


  • Sweat Free assists thousands of sweatshop workers in improving working conditions all around the world.


  • UNITE! (Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees) is an organization that is working to organize workers in many companies around the world.



  • Purchasing items from fair trade organizations are a choice you can make to provide decent working conditions and fair wages to workers